Don’t forget these two crucial components in a search engine friendly post

Title and Description play an important role in SEO and Google rank

These are two of the first elements that a search engine will see, as well as a human when they type a search engine query. Therefore you should pay extra attention to these elements when you are writing an article using SEO practices.

Here is some basic information you need to remember…

“The title”

The title should be descriptive, engaging, and contain one of your keywords. If it doesn’t flow I will sometimes leave out the keyword, but an optimized title should contain one.

Also keep the title under 70 characters… otherwise it will cut off part of you title.

“The (meta) description”

The description is entered outside the post itself or auto generated by your blog. Check with your blogging software and find out if you do not know how to create a description.

For wordpress, All-in-one SEO is a great plugin that is simple and to the point. If you want to examine SEO more in depth try WordPress SEO by Yoast. These are the two most effective SEO plugins for WordPress and will help you make every article search engine ready.

Keep your description under 155 characters to avoid being cut-off. Use the description to pin point what your article is about – key points and keywords always work nicely here.

You want whoever is searching to want to click on your link, so write as if you are the one looking for something in a search engine.

Picture this

Here is an example of a Google search engine result for an article I recently indexed. The title is the link (blue in color if you have never visited that specific url)

title and description seo for under armour coupons

My SEO software automatically enters my website name (Under Armour Coupons) after I enter in my title. Therefore, my title is cut off because it is too long when added to the website name.

The url for the article appears underneath (in green)

It is always a good idea to optimize the url as well (if your blog allows you to). Use a keyword here and again, be descriptive, but brief.

Finally, in black text is the meta description. I have summed up the main points of my article (saving money on Under Armour Scent Control) with room to spare.

So much more SEO…

These are just some basic rules of thumb to remember when writing any post you wish to perform well in the search engines (specifically Google).  There are hundreds of well detailed documents available on the internet if you wish to learn more.


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